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I'm Shawn.

I am the co-founder of Culture Milk, story writer at Shosto, owner of the new Blue Sun, and co-creator of the revival of Macristocracy

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@zenimpulse @hcmarks @abdophoto @nateboateng Is that…Is that Lil Bow Wow

2 minutes ago

They've done it. The Verge has actually gone full-Buzzfeed. http://t.co/Hqzl9gfoMR

18 minutes ago

"Shawn, who's that?" http://t.co/o4tmgaI6uO

35 minutes ago

You're probably saying "Shawn, Zoe looks nothing like Nina." Exactly. What pisses me off is there's a talented actress who looks like her.

35 minutes ago

Man, look, they're making/made a Nina Simone movie – Zoe Saldana is Nina Simone. This is what Nina looks like. http://t.co/sloR8LivXY

37 minutes ago

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