Hi there.

I'm Shawn.

I am the co-founder of Culture Milk, story writer at Shosto, editor-in-chief of Always Nintendo, and former contributor for Nintendojo

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@bobbotanist no i sold it imma hustla imma imma hustla bby

1 hour ago

@bobbotanist u need a life coach if we keepin it đź’Ż

5 hours ago

oh sodes doesn’t have downloads. wild.

10 hours ago

is there any real@difference between podcast heavy hitters? like downcast vs castro vs pocket casts? there’s a new… https://t.co/AMyuI72X7Z

10 hours ago

artie is my girlfriend’s baby nephew. that boy been wild and hurt himself playing on the steps lmao

2 days ago

I am watching a little...

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