Hi there.

I'm Shawn.

I am the co-founder of Culture Milk, story writer at Shosto, editor-in-chief of Always Nintendo, and former contributor for Nintendojo

I am about...

i am looking to pay someone to draw me a low poly thing for a tattoo

8 hours ago

RT @TheSilphRoad: Take a closer look at that rat! Alolan Rattata has begun appearing in the wild, travelers! https://t.co/i3FCEn9CMq

8 hours ago

this is what tom from myspace looks like now https://t.co/gtPkO5PBxJ

10 hours ago

everybody in ybn looks like one of those kids who'd fill up a whole section of their tray with mayo and ranch and swirl it up with a nugget

10 hours ago

RT @erasmusNYT: y’all = “you all” ya’ll = “i am pretending to be something that i am not. i am a traitor in your midst” yall = “you all”

12 hours ago

I am watching a little...

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