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I'm Shawn.

I am the co-founder of Culture Milk, story writer at Shosto, owner of the new Blue Sun, co-creator of the revival of Macristocracy, and writer for Nintendojo

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RT @aprilfools2015: 本日4月1日は朝から「めざましテレビ」「とくダネ!」に戸田恵梨香さん、ユースケ・サンタマリアさんが生出演する予定です!! #エイプリルフールズ

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@drewfitz @biron5k just leave and network @ ur new job

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What the screen looks like when you pop Xenoblade Chronicles 3D in a non-new 3DS. http://t.co/wLq1bRCWhW

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martha stewart becomes your mom for a day

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martha stewart's mom for a day challenge

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