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I'm Shawn.

I am the co-founder of Culture Milk, story writer at Shosto, editor-in-chief of Always Nintendo, and former contributor for Nintendojo

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all in all, i spent a total of $50 for the toothbrush and case, and then i spend $6 every three months for a replac… https://t.co/9wDbwBBPRc

1 day ago

i said total price. which is technically correct, but it’s $3 off the travel case. which looks cool too https://t.co/yK7WDNVGRv

1 day ago

i found a coupon online that made the brush itself 39.99 instead of 69.99 and knocked $3 off the total price

1 day ago

i ended up buying a burst toothbrush bc i saw an ad on facebook. i am capitalism in the modern age

1 day ago

did i buy sonic mania plus physically and then buy the dlc for the game i bought months ago, essentially buying the… https://t.co/iEG8zpJPsN

2 days ago

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